BoVegas Online Casino Review 2019


Read this BoVegas casino review to learn all you need to know about their games, bonuses, and payouts. BoVegas could quickly become your favorite online casino.

BoVegas Casino Review 2019

Finding a trusted online casino can be a hassle. There are many things to consider, and there are way too many online casinos to choose from. In fact, it is so difficult, that most people wouldn’t even know how to approach the issue. One thing is for certain, you can’t try out every single casino online to make your judgment. Not only would it take too much time, but it would include trying out casinos that aren’t certified and you might end up getting scammed.

For that reason, it is always important to check out casino reviews to see whether or not the casino in question is the right choice for you.

About BoVegas

There is a reason this casino chose to be named after Las Vegas. Namely, when people think of Las Vegas, they think of the glamour, the high-end lifestyle, and the excitement they can get in this incredible town.

Ever since the founding of the website, BoVegas has been trying to offer their customers a true Vegas experience that they can get without ever leaving the comfort of their homes. This casino is licensed by the jurisdiction of Curacao.

And, even though they are new, they don’t really have an issue with building a reputation. In fact, BoVegas is slowly but surely becoming one of the leading online casinos in the United States of America. It also has the advantage of working closely with AffAlliance, a group that usually works exclusively with trustworthy and powerful casinos.

RealTime Gaming Casino Software

Another reason for the success of BoVegas is the fact that they are using software developed by one of the best online casino game developers you can find. RTG games are famous for their excellent RTP rates, straightforward gameplay, and outstanding payouts.

But, more importantly for most online casinos, RTG is one of the few casino game developers, the software of which, is allowed in the United States of America. So, even if the license comes from Curacao, this casino is available to players from the USA.

RealTime Gaming has an excellent reputation among avid gamblers as it has been around ever since 1998 and it has been consistently putting out excellent titles. As a gaming provider that has over 20 years of releasing high-quality games, RTG has a vast library of titles for casinos to choose from. They are famous for their selection of online slots and progressive jackpots that most of those slots feature. But, in truth, this company offers a lot more than that. Their table-game selection is almost as wide as their video slot library. Also, their table games have been widely regarded as some of the best in the field.

BoVegas Mobile Casino

During the early days of the casino, BoVegas didn’t have a mobile app. But that didn’t stop those that wantув to spend some time playing their favorite games from their phones. The reason for that is simple, they have always had a mobile-friendly version of the website that works exceedingly well.

However, this online casino has proven that they pay attention to the desires of their customers by developing a fully operational application that makes playing their games from the phone much easier.

Android and iPhone users can take advantage of the app and experience the same benefits that the Desktop users are getting. They can access the free-to-play mode of the games to test them out without risking their money or they can use the instant play option to enjoy the features of this real money casino.

Furthermore, mobile players can also use the app to make money transfers via everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. That way, they can enjoy the anonymity that cryptocurrencies offer and the safety of the public ledger.

BoVegas Games

BoVegas offers over 200 games to choose from as you enter their website. But if you don’t want to sift through all of them manually, you would do well to view them based on their respective categories:


As they are powered by RealTime Gaming’s incredible software, you can expect an impressive range of slot games on BoVegas. And, you won’t be disappointed. This online casino offers well over 100 video slots that are easy to play and incredibly fun. So, take your time to enjoy some of the RTG classics such as the famous Cleopatra’s Gold slot, Enchanted Garden or Bubble Bubble. Or if you prefer playing new titles to experience a slot for the first time, simply go to the “New” tab of the games section to see what their latest offering includes.

You can also check the right-hand side of the screen to see which slot machine offers the highest jackpot at the moment.

Table Games

While some people go to Vegas to spin the reels on slot machines and let their luck decide whether or not they win, others prefer games that include more strategy. And some, of course, simply prefer playing table games to slot machines. For those people, BoVegas has prepared a wide selection of table games that include all-time favorites such as the Blackjack, Baccarat, and Craps.

Video Poker

When it comes to card games, we all know that there is only one group of games that can hold the crown of being the most popular game of them all, and that game is Poker. That is why BoVegas has included a wide selection of Video Poker games on their website.

With BoVegas, you can play All American Poker, Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, and many other online games.

Specialty Games

Lastly, there are those who don’t find either slots or card games to be particularly exciting for them. Instead, they are looking for a variety of specialty games to spice their experience up. And BoVegas has a title for everyone in their specialty games.

Are you a fan of Roulette? Not a problem! With BoVegas, you can choose from any of the three popular variations of the game. You can play the European, French, and of course, the American Roulette versions.

And, if you don’t like playing Roulette alone, you can also choose to play Multiplayer Roulette to see how others are playing with their luck.

You can also play other popular specialty games such as Keno Bingo, or even a scratch card game, Magic 7’s.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Deposit Methods

Using BoVegas is a very simple matter, all of their games are just a click away, and the same stands for their depositing system. Once you register the account, the next step the casino will ask you to do is to select the deposit method.

On the banking page of the website, you can see the most common deposit options. You can make your deposit by using your Amex, MasterCard, or Visa card, or you can use the secure payment voucher to make a payment. Lastly, you can also pay with Bitcoin if you prefer. With all of these deposit methods, you can receive immediate funding and start playing as soon as you make your payment.

With any of the deposit methods, the minimum amount is $25. If you are paying with a card, the maximum amount is $5,000, for vouchers, the maximum is $500, and for Bitcoin payments, there is no limit to the amount of money you can deposit.

Once you place your first deposit, you should go through a verification process that happens via phone. The customer support agent will call you to confirm the account details and to make sure that you didn’t make a mistake.

If you do make a mistake and deposit more money than you planned, we would advise against using the chargeback option as it is forbidden in the Terms and Conditions. Instead, contact the customer support service and have them check if you were charged multiple times, mistakenly or without authorization. If any of those cases is shown to be true, the team will offer a refund of your payment.

Withdrawal Methods

Of course, if you go to play at an online casino, you are not planning on just depositing money. The big part of the game is being able to collect your winnings once you are done playing. And that includes making a withdrawal.

BoVegas offers three withdrawal methods for you to choose from, you can use your Visa card, your MasterCard, or you can ask for a Bank Wire transfer. You should bear in mind that the minimum withdrawal amount is $100 while the maximum withdrawal per week comes in at $2000. Furthermore, you can only make one payout request per week. So, even if you don’t reach the maximum amount, you will have to wait a full week to make the next request.

Also, while deposits are instant, withdrawals are not. Your payments will take between three and seven business days to process, which means that it might take between five and nine days for the money to reach you when you add in the weekend.

Before you attempt to make a withdrawal, you should make sure that you have completed the Credit Card Agreement Form so that BoVegas is actually capable of processing the withdrawals.

BoVegas Casino Bonuses

Online casinos are known for offering incredible bonuses to new players and loyal customers as well. After all, that is one of the best ways to promote the casino in the long run. We should mention that BoVegas doesn’t really use fixed bonuses. Namely, they prefer having a flexible arrangement so that they can give different bonuses to their players every now and then.

BoVegas offers incredible welcome bonuses for players that are new to the casino. In fact, you can gather up to $5,500 for free through their promotions.

For starters, they offer the “match” bonus for their slot games. But, they won’t only match the amount of money you are depositing, they will multiply it. As of right now, you can get a 250%match for your first deposit if you use the appropriate code you can find on the website. And once you play with that credit, you can use the 300%match offer they have. The best part is that neither of those offers have a max cashout.

Furthermore, they offer free spins on various games through their daily bonuses. You can also get free chips to play with as a part of their monthly promotion.

They even offer weekly cashbacks to certain classes of players if they didn’t withdraw any money during the week and their balance sits under $10.


BoVegas is an excellent casino that offers many games to people from all over the world. But, they are also relatively new, which actually makes them an even better choice for gamblers. Namely, as they realize that they have to compete with casinos that have been around for decades, they hold incredible promotions for their players.

Their table games selection is excellent as it includes variations of Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, and many other games.

Furthermore, this casino has a wide selection of games that were developed by RealTime Gaming, one of the leading providers in the world of online gambling.

But, most importantly, they boast some of the best customer care representatives in the business. They are kind, knowledgeable, and work rather quickly.


Nothing in this world is truly perfect. And, BoVegas casino is no exception. While it is an excellent online casino no matter how you look at it, we should still talk about some of the shortcomings that might affect you if you choose to use BoVegas as your primary source of good old-fashioned entertainment through games of chance.

For starters, we have to mention the fact that their cashouts are rather slow. It simply feels like the casino should be able to process the payouts a lot quicker than they are, as even relatively small payouts can take well over a week to reach the lucky winner.

Another issue is that transferring the winnings to your bank account comes with a fee with BoVegas, something that we rarely see with other online casinos.

The Summary

Overall, visiting BoVegas is an excellent experience. It gives you the feel of visiting a well-established casino, even though they haven’t been around for long. Sure, there are some kinks they need to work on here and there, but BoVegas staff is very pleasant and they do seem to be paying attention to the feedback they receive from their customers.

As they stand right now, they are a great casino that is growing increasingly popular in the US market, but from what we can see, they will still evolve and develop new features and ways to bring the people over to their side.

If you ask us, this casino definitely deserves the attention it has been getting. But, in the end, the only way to truly know how gambling at a certain online casino feels like is trying it for yourself.