BoVegas License


When you are looking for an online casino to gamble at, you should always consider finding a trustworthy website that has a legitimate license.

Thankfully, BoVegas is one of the best online casinos around, and it holds a license given out by the jurisdiction of Curaçao. The Curaçao license forces the casinos to follow the strict rules of moral behavior. For example, in order to keep their licenses, casinos have to uphold the rules of unbiased gaming.

Furthermore, casinos have to verify the age of all players entering the online casino and nobody younger than the age of 18 is allowed to play. The authorizing body will take the time to review any and all applications for the license, they will conduct a background check and they will test the random number generator of the software the casino is using to make sure it is fair.

Casinos have to agree to be audited and checked on frequently to keep their licenses. In case any new rules being brought forward in Curaçao, the casinos enjoy a grace period, so make sure to check the state of updates.

Lastly, as a Curaçao licensee, BoVegas has to follow the rules that relate to responsible gambling. Their customer service works quickly to remove anyone who sneaks past the defenses illegally, and their website offers direct links to Gamblers Anonymous and other websites that were made to help compulsive gamblers.