How safe is it to Play at BoVegas Casino?


Is it safe for me to start gambling at BoVegas? Will they pay me out in the end?

This review should provide honest answers to these questions.

Is BoVegas Casino Safe to Play in?

The first advice in any online gambling guide is probably to find a reliable and trusted casino with a  verified license so that you can be sure you will get your winnings and not become a victim of a fraud.

Every player who would like to try their luck in online gambling is going to choose an online casino either by its reputation or a recommendation.

But what to do when a new casino like BoVegas appears on the scene, and you want to try it out because of attractive welcome bonuses, but there are no reviews or recommendations in sight? Should you risk and take a leap of faith, or should you wonder if the BoVegas casino is legit and safe to play in?

This review will try to provide an answer to this extremely important question.

Reasons Why You Should Trust  BoVegas casino

  • BoVegas casino relies on the RTG software which should convince you they really intend to position themselves high on the online gambling scene. The fact that they have chosen the best provider in the market means that they are ready to pay more to get more in terms of games offer, advanced graphics, and many other things RTG provides casinos with.
  • They offer three incredible welcome bonuses to their new members that can amount to 8000$ payout, which is a pretty generous welcoming gift. On the other hand, many shady casinos use similar bonuses to rip off gullible players, so why would BoVegas be any different? Simply because they use the reliable RTG’s Random Number Generator to ensure that all game combinations are completely random, therefore, the game is fair so that you can relax and use your welcome slot bonuses.
  •  There may always be a slight fear that casino or a third party can abuse some of the personal and banking information requested in the registration process. You can rest assured that this won’t happen at BoVegas online casino since they are using an efficient SSL encryption data system to completely protect your personal data.
  • As they are dedicated to protecting your privacy, the BoVegas casino has a strict verification process every player has to go through in order to collect their winnings.

This is a several-step process that will require some time to complete, but there is a detailed description that you can get if you follow this link. Once you send all the documents requested, your account will be verified and they will pay you out.

In this way, money will definitely end up in the right hands.

  • A thing that would probably raise some red flags is that BoVegas is licensed in Curacao by their government, which simply means that there is no regulatory body standing behind it and it is fairly easy to obtain a license. This may seem alarming, but in fact, there is no reason for that. This is getting to be a common practice of many online casinos, only that they are choosing destinations like Costa Rica or Antigua. In a nutshell, the fact that this casino has obtained a license in Curacao certainly doesn’t mean that they are a scam casino, so you can turn off your alarm.
  • They have provided a highly responsive 24/7 customer support service and their agents will do their best to address all your issues promptly and professionally. This is something that certainly builds up credibility. If BoVegas was a ripoff casino, they wouldn’t invest that much time and money in meeting their players’ needs. On the contrary, they would rob you blind and vanish into the thin air.
  • BoVegas has offered seven different options for placing a deposit including the inevitable Bitcoin which will provide total anonymity – a very important thing to know regarding the invasion of privacy. The minimum deposit is 25$  up to 100$ and is processed instantly to enable players to claim the bonuses and start gambling as soon as possible.
  • When it comes to the withdrawal, they offer fewer options and the verification process may take some time as well as the processing time, but it is all done to prevent foul play and protect the winnings. After all, the most important thing is that they will pay you out fair and square.

All these facts should persuade you that the BoVegas is a safe and reliable place to gamble at. If you still have the slightest doubt in what you have read so far, this positive review by the satisfied player should totally reassure you

This wouldn’t be an unbiased review if it didn’t address some of the issues that bother the BoVegas players.

Here Are Some Common Complaints Regarding the BoVegas Casino

  • Complicated verification process

Some of the most annoying and time-consuming things for BoVegas players was definitely a verification process which they considered to be overwhelmingly complex and obsolete. And these are justified to some extent because anyone who wants to claim a withdrawal has to do a bunch of things like taking several photos with the credit cards they intend to use or their IDs. After finishing this, they are required to follow links offered and to fill in mandatory forms. But that’s not the end of it. Having completed all of these actions, you should collect all the documents and send them to an email given on the page. Now, it is pretty clear why many people wouldn’t meddle with this and why they give up before even starting.

The other possible problem is that there is actually a great number of people who don’t have the computer skills needed for completing the verification procedure, therefore, they may feel frustrated and incompetent.

And no one wants to feel bad when they come to the casino to win some money and feel better.

While this is all done in order to make sure that the payout goes to the right person, the casino should probably take some steps towards simplifying the whole process.

  • It takes a bit too long to get paid out

This is another annoying and frustrating thing about the BoVegas online casino according to the players’ comments. Simply put, the withdrawal pending period is 4 days while the processing time takes from 7 to 10 working days – not including the weekends. This can amount to 20 days, which is not commendable. Here is what one of the players whose comment is generally positive had to say about this issue:

It is understandable though, that the casino wants to be completely sure everything is transparent and legit which is a good way of building credibility. On the other hand, after couple-of-weeks-long wait players begin to wonder if the casino is doing this to make them cancel their withdrawal. This is a completely absurd notion though, because the casino wants to attract new players, not to chase them away. On the other hand, let’s face it, no one wants to wait too long for the money won. The quick fix here would be to come up with a solution that will shorten a payout procedure to 2 to 5 days. This is always easier said than done, of course. BoVegas, however, takes care of their players and it is a matter of time when they are going to find solutions to these minor issues and become an online casino with a stellar reputation.


Let’s make a little comparison between any scam casino and BoVegas just to show how reliable BoVegas online casino actually is.

First, what the ultimate crime blacklisted casinos make is that they deny players payout due to some terms infringement, which is obviously fictional. As it is stated above, BoVegas definitely pays out every winning, honestly and transparently.

Second, shady casinos usually don’t use the Random Number Generator which means that they can “fix” their games and make it almost impossible for a player to win. BoVegas uses the RTG supported Random Number Generator which ensures that every combination is randomly chosen and that the gameplay is absolutely fair.

Lastly, fraud casinos tend to make unreal promises about soaring bonuses or prizes but they never deliver. These are just decoys devised to lure the naive novice players, since once you try to claim any of these “amazing” offers you would realize that the process is so demanding that this mission is impossible. On the other hand, BoVegas generously offers three welcome bonuses that can bring you amazing 8000$ just for signing up.


Overall, this is a relatively new casino which tries to build the credibility and reputation while creating their own recognizable identity. They offer great easy-to-claim bonuses, a wide variety of RTG games and transparent deposit and withdrawal procedures. All of this is a solid proof that the BoVegas online casino is a completely safe and reliable place where you can start your gambling adventure.