How to register an account at BoVegas Online Casino?


This is an easy three-step guide that will enable players to gamble at BoVegas casino.

Three steps Required for Gambling at BoVegas

You heard many good things about  BoVegas online casino and you would like to check it out yourself. Follow these easy steps, create an account and start playing.

  • Register an account /Sign up

To open the home page of BoVegas casino just follow this link – when the page opens you will see Log in and Sign-up buttons in the top right corner of your screen. Click the Sign-up button to start your registration process.

When you click the Sign-up, a pop-up window will appear on your screen that will ask you to fill in the fields with required personal information.

As you can see, this is a three-step registration and you will be asked for some basic personal information like your first name and surname, e-mail you are going to use for this account accompanied with username and password.

Once you have completed this page click on the blue Next button in the bottom to continue

The next step requires your current address, city, country, and the postal code.

The last step will ask you for some contact information such as mobile phone number as well as your date of birth and gender.

Once you have finished this, you become a registered member at the BoVegas casino.

You will get a confirmation email from the casino with the link that will lead you to your profile, follow the link and start gambling.

  • Log in information

Now that you registered your account, the only thing you need to do when you want to gamble at BoVegas is to click Log in button and fill in the fields required.

The only requirements are the username and password you used while creating an account. In order not to forget your password just check the remember password box as shown and go gambling without worries.

  • Verification of your account

This is a very important step you have to take in order to get your winnings. This is not a complicated procedure, however, and here is what you have to do to become a verified player. Just follow this link that will land you on a page which will lead you through the verification account process step by step.

The instructions are clearly presented, accompanied by the links to some important forms that need to be filled in. And finally, there is the casino’s email you should send the documents to.

There it is, just follow these simple and clear instructions to create your BoVegas casino account successfully and start enjoying their games and bonuses.